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Woman’s face with Aztec headdress tattoo.

Today I had the opportunity to tattoo a really nice woman face with Aztec headdress. Headdresses were not worn by ‘your average Aztec’. They were generally only worn by members of the ruling class, warriors, priests and – by extension – gods and goddesses. Essentially, the Aztec ‘élite’ wanted to ‘dress to impress’, to show (off) their status to the rest of society, and to show their connections with the world of the sacred.

The Aztec were an amazing civilization that had a great culture and interesting beliefs and ways. Since I’ve been in a tattoo shop I haven’t had the chance to tattoo any Aztec patterns. Now that I’ve got my own style of tattooing I would love to be able to do more Aztec tattoos. Being in the South Bay and specifically in San Jose I’m sure that I’ll get a lil more people wanting these type of tattoos now that they’ll see what my abilities are with tattooing. Come by to see us.Woman face tattoo with aztec headdress done in san jose tattoo shop