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Why Soul Imagez Tattoo?

best-tattoo-shop-in-San-jose-Soul Imagez-Tattoo.jpg

“A tattoo is the mark of the Soul. It can act as a window we can see in or it can be a shield to protect us from those who can’t see past the surface. ”

In 2005 I read this tattoo quote. This hit me close to home. I was around a lot of people who used tattoos as a cover. They used it to shield them selfs from the people that were around. These people weren’t who they seemed to be. So it shows how these days we use our body as a shield to block the people who can’t see past the surface to the people we really are. As for me, I refused to get tattoos for that same purpose. I wanted to get the tattoo that truly represents who I really am underneath. I didn’t want my art to be a shield. I wanted it to reveal the true me. So people ask me “what does your tattoo mean”? Well it has a meaning of who I really am. The artist inside. This tattoo quote stuck with me the whole time and that’s where the name Soul Imagez Tattoo comes from.