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Client Testimonial

I came to the new location on Friday to get a small tattoo from Josh, it was my first time meeting him and definitely not my last. He made me feel right at home and was nice enough give us a tour around the place. I’m very pleased with my new tattoo it’s exactly what I wanted. Best tattoo experience I’ve ever had. Thanks again Josh!” -Ashley A.

I came into this shop because a friend of mine had heard about a special going on for Friday the 13th. 13$ tattoos, with a 7$ tip. Clients were able to choose from a variety of designs, color as well as grayscale.

I have to add before I go any further, that I went to Metamorphic Tattoo last year for their Friday the 13th special, and I was not impressed. The artist who tattooed me was rude, completely antisocial, and snobby. He treated me like a tattoo noob. His artwork, fortunately, was the only reason I didn’t make the effort to review him.

So needless to say I went into this shop not having the best expectations. I get it, tattoo specials are looked down upon in the tattoo community, but it’s no reason to treat a client disrespectfully.

Anyway, we walk into this shop, and the first person we meet is this super sweet receptionist. Absolutely down to earth, friendly, and polite. She even had movies showing in the waiting room (horror movies in honor of Friday the 13th) to keep those waiting occupied.

She had us take a look at the designs and make a decision, I decided on a skull design while my best friend chose a shark. She then had us fill out our waivers (everything was electronic, super convenient). Then we played the waiting game for a bit while the girl before us got her piece done.

Wait time wasn’t anything short of a normal tattoo shop, nothing to complain about. When it came time for my friend and I to get our pieces, Joshua (the tattooist) came out and politely asked if we wanted to go together. We decided we would.

The rest of my experience is why I am writing this review, and giving Joshua 5 stars. He was super friendly, constantly starting conversation and engaging us. We talked about a variety of subjects and he made both of us feel like we were at home.

And last but not least…the artwork. I will say, as someone who’s been around the tattoo scene for the better part of 10 years, I definitely feel as though I received my money’s worth and then some.

I will definitely be considering Joshua for another piece soon. He was professional, friendly, clean, and talented. I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s what I want when I am asking someone to put a piece of artwork on my body that will follow me for the rest of my life. 13$ or 1000$, quality artwork and quality experience, and that’s exactly what this shop gave me and my friends. Cheers! Alsiha J.

Reviewing an artist of any form is far different than reviewing a restaurant.

You can’t go with the terrible service route, bad ambiance or just overall terrible food.
There are so many variables when reviewing a tattoo artist: cleanliness. Precision. Creativity. Attention to detail.

My first tattoo back 7 years ago was supposed to be a roman numeral 8… but instead, decided to go big and start a sleeve. There is a lot of justification in why I wanted it, but have been so focused on large scale pieces that I kept putting it off. While my primary artist is traveling, I decided to give another artist a shot. The girlfriend lives in san jose, so while we were there celebrating a niners win I decided to whip out the yelp app to find a nearby artist. Due to the simplicity of the design, I was okay with going with just any walk in shop. Found a few with so-so reviews but weren’t open on Sundays; this is when I found Josh at soul imagez. I called, spoke to his wife and explained what I wanted and gave a time frame to expect me. We came in within an hour to find that a design had been sketched out and they were ready to get to the business. The shop is beautiful with exposed brick, large floor-to-ceiling windows and clean (which is crucial for a shop). Josh was warm, tweaked my design a bit and ensured my happiness on the placement. While the work was being done, we shared stories and laughed… making the whole experience painless (no pun intended). Although the design was simple and small (1.5″ x 1″ on my wrist) he continued to go over it to ensure the lines were clean and the ink was bold instead of rushing me out to tackle the next client.

Its refreshing to come into a tattoo shop, feel welcomed and have an artist who genuinely puts his heart into his craft. Josh isn’t your typical “im-better-than-thou” artist, he welcomes all into his shop whether its your first tattoo or you have two sleeves like myself. Looking at his portfolio and accompanying reviews you’ll see that he puts his all into what he does and nothing less. You’re stuck with this art on your skin for life, dont skimp out and go with the best; the pictures and reviews don’t lie.

This isn’t my first tattoo nor will it be my last, but overall was a great experience and I can absolutely see myself (and friends) paying another visit to Josh.

Tip: there is a yelp deal for $45 for $70 worth of work with a check-in. the deal is for 1″x1″ black/grey tattoo. Although mine was larger, he still met me in the middle in terms of pricing instead of shutting me down. So not only is he precise and does great work, pricing is far better than those around.

Happy tatting!

This is my now go-to place for tattoos. Joshua and his wife are awesome, friendly people and I never felt uncomfortable or rushed while consulting with either. Joshua took his time with the sketches for my piece and it came out better than I had imagined. What’s even better is that it took less time than we had anticipated meaning I paid less than I was prepared to pay and left happier than I thought I would be with the piece. Joshua doesn’t have a heavy hand and for a 2.5 hour back piece the pain was minimal. The healing process is going along perfectly and I’ve had no scarring or other issues. I will definitely be coming back to get my piece finished and will be telling all my tattoo-loving friends to hit up this place. Remember, when you get a tattoo, you get what you pay for, and what you wait for. The first day I met with Joshua for a consultation, he told me he will take his time because he wants to give me a tattoo I will be proud to show off, not one I would ever have to hide or be embarrassed by, and that’s exactly what I got. Definitely check this place out.

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