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Finger Tattoos – The Must Know Info

Finger tattoos! Its November 2013 and the masses crave these tattoos. Over the 9 past years I’ve been been in this industry these have been a strong choice for people. No matter the age, gender, or race many people have come into my tattoo shop and have done these types of tattoos. Sad to say that every time I’ve done these I have to warn them how these particular tattoos almost always fall out! Thats true! These types of tattoos do fall out.

Most of the people who get these get discouraged whenever they come into my tattoo shop and I mention this to them. The reason for this happening is from I believe to be is the high movement and the type of skin it is while the tattoo is healing. When your skin is healing you would have to care for it as if it was a sprained ankle. I know it sound weird but this is the way I have found that helps the people understand how to take care of it. The skin on our fingers are very thin. Compared to the arm or leg the fingers have the thinnest skin layers.

The skin on the fingers tend to get damaged easier then the other skin on our bodies. The tattoo machine tends to run at 100-150 cycles per second. This would be every time the bar touches the coil. That would complete one cycle and this happens a lot every second. That being said, You put a very sharp needle at the end of that with the power to push right through the skin and you have a potential for disaster if your under someone who’s not familiar or doesn’t have that much skills dealing with this type of tattoos. I have seen some pictures of finger tattoos and its a horrible site to see. Some are a big blur and others scar really bad. After all the scabbing goes away your left with nothing because all the ink has fallen out.

Here I have a few examples of my own finger tattoo experience. As you can see in the first picture was on the day of my appointment. The tattoo was just like any other. black was nice and dark. lines are the way they’re supposed to be. There was light shading in there for the detail. All was well the day i got my tattoo.
This is a look at how it is to get a finger tattoo




















As you can see here in the next photos my hands are healed. This is after only 3 months of getting my fingers tattooed. This is with me knowing that they are going to fall out and with me taking the best care of them so this wouldn’t happen. I babied them as much as i could and it still came out crappy. This could also be a part in the tattoo artists. Because in my case I knew the tattoo artists was doing a crappy job. My fault. I thought it was a good shop. But here you can see that all the fine detail is gone and most of the lines are gone. A lot of the black areas are choppy and overall my experience was bad with my finger tattoos.

This is the healed picture of finger tattoosA different angle of a healed finger tattoo

High movement areas are places that move from side to side or up and down. Some examples of high movement areas are the hands, elbow, knee cap.
Not only does it have to do with high movement it also has to do with how tough the skin is. The more movement the area of the tattoo gets the harder or longer it takes for the tattoo to heal. As you look down to your hand you will notice that the hand has two tones of skin. one part is lighter and one part is darker. The lighter part of your hand is the part that tends to fall out. The darker part is ok but still a high movement area.

Overall the finger tattoos are a finicky area to tattoo. Theres no guarantee that it will stay as dark as it was when you first got your tattoo. So before you come to our tattoo shop in san jose and  get your fingers tattooed be sure you can either get a touch or expect to live with an old looking tattoo.