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Deposits And Appointments

Below you can find our payment option to book a tattoo appointment. Our policy is as stated.

  1. In order to save a spot with us here at Soul Imagez Tattoo, a non-refundable deposit of $80 must be made in order to save a date.* This deposit will go toward the cost of your tattoo.
  2. Our shop will not start any drawings until a deposit is made. We do not send drawings through email.**
  3. Any pattern seen must be done in person. Some changes may be done the day of the tattoo. If major  changes are done, then another appointment will be made. This will allow the time needed to redraw.
  4. If ideas change, the deposit will be lost. Example: we set an appointment for a floral pattern and you change the idea to an owl, then the deposit will go toward the time drawing the floral pattern and another deposit will be needed to start the owl drawing.***
  5. If you need to reschedule we can do so with a 48 hour notice that we have acknowledged. At this time you may reschedule to any day we may have available.

*I’ve been tattooing since 2004. In my years of experience I have noticed that 90% of clients that didn’t make a deposit never show up. In order to ensure that we can invest our time in a certain pattern we ask for the deposit that will show that your’e ready to move forward with your new tattoo. Our shop will never charge a fee to draw a pattern. Whether the drawing takes 10 minutes or 10 hours, we draw for free  and would like to know we’re ready to get tattooed-Joshua

* *The reason we don’t send drawings through email is because we draw these patterns for our clients. Some have posted for others to see the drawing before they get the tattoo and it leaves the outline visible for others to take. This opens opportunities for people to steal this design we have created for our clients.

***This helps us from major changes once the pattern is drawn.

To Schedule an appointment you can pay through our Paypal Link.

With Paypal you do not need to have an account. Just enter card information and check out.